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Doing what gardeners are not qualified to do and what contractors are not set up to do!

Curb Appeal offers creative design ideas to enhance your existing landscaping. We specifically tune up and freshen existing yards. Our services include and cover all phases of construction and softscape, whether you want a completely new designed yard or some creative ideas to tune up your existing landscape.
Curb Appeal concentrates its efforts in two different areas of expertise. One is for the discriminating homeowner that desires a beautiful maintained yard or for the client that's having a special occasion; such as parties, family reunion or any kind of special home event.
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We digitally design your project and present the proposed design improvements before any work begins.

Secondly is the real estate market and insurance companies ... We offer our creative design ideas to help enhance the full potential beauty of the property for the least amount of cost and expense, we call this "flowers to flooring", because we can also provide creative money saving ideas for interior floorings including wood, granite, ceramic, carpeting, painting and countertops or any interior problem areas.
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